Last Place Olympian

Sinking, sinking, sinking, crash

Where is that noble buoyancy

That dad told me all of us humans have when we’re swimming

Because it’s part of biology?

It’s cold down here

Icy and dark where I can’t

See a damn thing

And even though I’d like to

I can’t get past the amount of time I spent

Swimming, swimming, swimming

Learning all the strokes and paddles to

Get to where I am now.

Maybe resilience doesn’t come from

A natural, internal floating mechanism

But from telling yourself that

YES – swimming is fun! Swimming is easy!

I can swim through Jell-O if I tried.

And while I write in metaphor

The tragic irony of this seasonal sadness happens to

Lie in the fact that

I cannot swim at all.

Last Place Olympian


I am stronger than any Man,

because I am a Woman.


for every house He builds for himself,

I build relationships, networks, and models of love. 


for every college degree He earns,

I observe the universe from afar, and learn the deepest meanings.


for every bloody wound He bears,

I bear forth a living child. 


for every tear He suppresses in defense of his honor,

I cry a river, flowing with the pain of hundreds with whom I empathize.


I have accomplished everything He has,

while mastering my own feminine feats.


I can multitask and carry the burdens of others alongside my own,

while maintaining a serene and genuine optimism.


My arms might be rails compared to your brawn

But I, unlike you, can survive on my own.