What is Chronic Logorrhea?

If you can believe it, I did not invent such a colorfully heinous term. Logorrhea has its roots in ancient Greek, combining “logos” with “rhoia,” or, “word” with “flow.” I go synonymously with verbose, and more simply, verbal vomit.

Sometimes, the word appears as a symptom of psychological distress, but I can assure you that my chronic bouts are far from distressing, though they might express the sensation at some points. The deep tissue issue lies in my brainwashed imagination, hung up with research papers, APA format, and stunted reading boundaries. I’m not the same bombastic writer I was once famed to be (I hear you laughing… the Internet has bugs, you know).

I began on LiveJournal (that should date me a bit…), and with a flurry of graduation ceremonies and prom pictures,  I established myself on Facebook, where my adolescent prose morphed into a continuous flow of less than imaginative lyrical quotes and status updates.

Several looseleaf notebooks and Tumblr posts later, I landed here… I anticipate that this promising blog will live up to its name.

May bouts of chronic logorrhea ignite the two cheeky hemispheres of my brain. Here’s to you, Word Press!


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