Gender rules roles

I am beginning to see why men complain that Girls — young girls? small girls? adolescent-brained girls? females? (but certainly not WOMEN, in the moralistic and powerful sense of the word) — are “self-absorbed”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I haven’t properly meshed with hordes of them. I don’t understand the lack of honesty and bluntness; I don’t share the same obsession with my reflection or the goings-on in other people’s lives. Self-absorbed and disinterested in others, but always wanting to be heard and supported in life or death situations. Indecisive but unwilling to settle. Sure, I’m generalizing; but my friends with vaginas (FWV) tend to LACK these qualities in excess. FWV tend to care less about the opinions of others and think more broadly about ideas and concepts pertaining to all of humanity, not just their own physiques.
I suppose I am just itching to hang out with my guy friends.

Gender rules roles

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