Briefly looking in the mirror

Our professors left major projects along with final exams to the last week of classes. We’re all so out of routine with the Homework Grind that we don’t know whether to sh*t or go blind. I’m so close to home that I can taste it! I haven’t really felt the queasiness of homesickness, but the comforts of home have certainly been desirable. Although my bed has been only cushy and tranquilizing, I miss my good old Bob-o-Pedic. 

There are a select few things I’d like to retain upon arrival. I want to seriously get back into jogging! We walk miles and miles (or should I say km and km) per day, and it feels GREAT to be to exhausted that I pass out quickly at night. I want to cook more meals collectively (never alone, haha). I want to get great instant coffee so I can make frappes every morning.  But I’m going to relish in the fact that I can obtain iced coffee anywhere, at any time. I cannot wait for this!

Briefly looking in the mirror

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