Just call me la Conquistadora

Two weeks left! And here I was, thinking I’d be blogging and editing photos day and night. Instead, I’ve been scrambling about for food and wifi and basically living the collegiate struggle-life that I’ve never had. Am I excited to nestle in the comfy nest that is my familial bedroom? Why yes, that tempur-pedic (Bobopedic, ACTUALLY, but who’s asking?) glory-pad awaits me. Rumor has it that my A/C was installed by some fabulous gremlin. I am fully prepared to take on my own bedroom.

I’ve been compiling brief lists of interesting things I’ve learned on my seemingly endless explorations. I want to share these things with you, as well as some new expressions and vocabulary I’ve picked up along these quests. Expect to delight in that at some point.

The only thing I’ve left to conquer is the inclement, gloomy weather and bipolar temperature changes…


Lund Cathedral. Standard gorgosity. 


Here I am conquering a medieval Swedish house.

Just call me la Conquistadora

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