Vi är här!

The New Yorkers are here! Allow me to begin with this brief prologue:

MS NYU, class of 2015. We are the only grad SLP program with a study abroad opportunity. Money-hungry university conglomeration? Sure, that’s undeniable. NYU has officially ‘gone global’ — remember that time in history called the Age of Imperialism? New York University should rename itself Manifest Destiny. Well worth it? Absolutely. We had limited details on the dormitory situation and zero direction regarding the actual arrival at our temporary homes. One down payment, two flights, and several diaphragmatic breaths later, all 20 of us safely relocated to Lund, Sweden.

Our class was forcibly split into two dorms by the Global department, based upon our provision of “favorite friends.” This was silly, because all of us are friends and were anticipating the group home life. Alas, 8 of us were destined to reside in Bildstensvägen, the Unpronounceable (including me). 

The Epic Schlep

Some people are world travelers, but not everyone is a world schlepper. We hauled ass (even with checked baggage) across three countries (USA, Iceland, Denmark) in less than 12 hours to reach our flight destination in Copenhagen. From there, we embarked with ALL of our luggage in hand on a 45 minute train ride into Lund, Sweden. FOUR COUNTRIES. 1 DAY. And that’s not all! We had no clue where to go. We had received cryptic directions leading us to the retrieval of our dorm keys – down the cobble brick road to a hotel lobby, in which our professors would be dining over housing documentation. Three of us bravely got lost in the square in search of the hotel, and received help from the kindest barista. We posed the question: “Do you have wifi?” To this, he ran to collect his own iPhone and google it for us. Turns out we had walked right past the hotel. 

The 8 of us from the flight were further divided, and had to separate to get to our apartments. Since nobody likes taxis, we all risked certain doom and hopped on buses that our professors “believed” would stop near our respective areas.

Well. After a wrong turn, a quest through the forest, the discovery of a running track, and 100 lbs of luggage later, we arrived!

To be continued!

Vi är här!

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