Deranged Dog Lady or Precursor to Motherhood?

I confuse myself. 

I’ve fluctuated for eons about whether or not the prospect of children seems appealing to me and the lifestyle I want to adopt once I’m a Real Person. Let me interject – this Real Adulthood business is trickling slowly towards me, like molasses rolling downhill in slow-mo. It’s not a DIRE decision I must make before the night is over. I don’t think I even need to make the choice before graduation next summer. But if there is something I want this instant, nearly more than anything else on this planet (including french fries or dark chocolate), it is… a puppy.

Isn’t that kind of like a baby?, you might ask. I asked myself this every time I threaten to bring home a puppy. Is there something wrong with my biological clock? Am I geared toward non-human care after all? Or is my rationale simply reminding me that I am hardly able to care for myself, let alone properly raise a tiny human? Will a dog curb this undulating desire to take care of something small and vulnerable, and to love and be loved by a cuddle monster? 


Deranged Dog Lady or Precursor to Motherhood?

2 thoughts on “Deranged Dog Lady or Precursor to Motherhood?

  1. No, it means that you want something less than human to begin with. Remember, puppies are the first real affectionate creature you were ever able to care for at a mature age.. (I don’t count b/c you were 3 yrs old lol) Animals are and always will be more appealing than humans. Why? Because they are simple and predictable, and because, from my observations of others, your entire life won’t be turned upside down or changed completely from their very presence. Also, there is always the concept embedded within us (thank you classical antiquity), that the older generation feels that the younger generation will overthrow, (or more in a modern concept, go beyond, or go against) them. Conflict can arise, and communication can be non existent. Dogs will love you unconditionally, especially if he/she knows you from when it’s a puppy. So technically, you aren’t only it’s mother, but more of it’s best friend, guide, parent, teacher, and sister and therefore, it will only love you, if love is what you feed him/her. Everyone wants something furry and warm to snuggle with. ❤

  2. Rhoda Auerbach says:

    You have so much to contribute to this world! And so much greatness to contribute to a child! True, having and raising a child is an enormous sacrifice, but it’s also such an incredible showing of generosity and “unselfishness”! The sacrifice was made for you to be here. Wont you please be as generous as those who sacrificed to bring you in? Your choice, of course. But there is a world of difference in loving a puppy and loving your child. I would always vote for having a child. Especially yours!! And your sister’s!! I would help you in every way I could. And I would love it to distraction and so would your family! Give it serious thought! We did a good job caring for you. We could do it for your child as well. And we know even more now than we did then, since we are growing every day in every way! Think about it! While we’re still able to help!!! It’s a love affair that should not be missed! I tell you this because I love you and everything about you. And especially your child when you have her/him. ILYLMB

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