My logorrhea has been less than chronic.

I was right when I predicted that graduate school would consume my being; I was right because I am quite literally being trained for THE REST OF MY LIFE, for my CAREER, and essentially, my LIVELIHOOD, until I reach the ripe, brown-spotted age of retirement. I took a break from health care training for the past day or two (time just melds together now). I spent quality time with my boyfriend, learned that my mother thinks I will marry my boyfriend, and got a professional-ass “curly expert” haircut for the small sum of $0. Productive set of off-days, I’d say. My hair is certainly killin’ it, but I’m sure this evening glory will wilt once I wake to face the school day.

In other and contradicting news, I really want to take care of something small and cuddly. You’re right, if you’re questioning my ability to mother something at this point in time. I probably DON’T have the time and definitely not the money to sustain life right now. But it doesn’t change the fact that I regret leaving this lovebug so many months ago…


My logorrhea has been less than chronic.

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