day 1.

Jenn, Amanda, and I [naturally] ended up with nearly identical programs, without even trying. I like that. I’m quite glad to see that two girls to whom I’ve gradually grown closer are actually composed of the stuff of FRIENDSHIP. It’s as if Harry, Ron, and Hermione were a homogenous entity of three snarky brunettes obsessed with neurons and human behavior. 

So there we sat, in Speech Science Instrumentation, damning our misfortune! Why must we conduct MORE ACOUSTIC ANALYSES .. at 9:30am once a week?! Was one undergraduate lesson not enough? Was the theme of post bacc NOT founded on simple harmonic motion of air particles? And I have to download Praat again… can you guys hear me weeping? That application resembles prehistoric cave paintings, if they were posted to a Mac OSX platform.

Why is this coming up AGAIN?

AND WHY ARE THE PROFESSORS ALWAYS TERRIBLE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH?! CSD PROGRAMS! ATTENTION! The irony must have slipped right by you, just as my attention slipped as Prof stumbled over the word “fundamental.” Really.

Other than that, I predict this course will be cake. Boring as FUCK. But easy enough. 

day 1.

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