Persistent Ontological Ponderings

Tonight is one of those nights when I feel the transience of my life down to the cells spitting out my bone marrow.

These are most unfortunate nights.

We went to a 25th anniversary vow renewal tonight, and got to discussing our own very-future permanent, legal bond. Counting the years until our schooling finally comes to an end almost made my hairs stand up. I’d never really thought about it in perspective; I’ll be ready to live a real adult life by the end of 2015. We will be that much older, with so many years still ahead to accomplish standard things (like create a beautiful daughter or buy a house upstate) and personally preferred things (like stay awake for 48 hrs in Ibiza or hike through a rainforest).

But where does all this stuff fit in around the daily 9-5, at that point? I’m supposed to be enjoying him and our life now, but instead, I’m worrying about every second ahead.

This probably sounds jumbled; these are my pre-serotonin flux thoughts. Gute Nacht.

Persistent Ontological Ponderings

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