Temporomandibular joint woes

One of the worst aspects of Medical Student Syndrome is the ego. As an overachieving and curious student in the health sciences, the WORST quality would be lack of ego. Who wants an uncertain and hesitant health professional? We need to be sure of ourselves, and prolifically confident. Confident… to a fault? Nah!

Because when it comes to self-diagnosis, how could we possibly be wrong? We were blessed with amazing skills in tracing pathologies. And who do we know better than our very own selves? We’re the brains diagnosing everyone else.

Moral of the story is… I have TMJ disorder issues, and that’s a wrap. I chew my headphones out, experience lockjaw, and hear clicking. If that’s not pathological, then someone revoke my Masters degree candidacy.

Temporomandibular joint woes

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