When all of this is said and done

I’ll be glad to know I’m not the only one

who feels this way.

Lost, empty, my heart weighing a ton,

Nothing changing with each passing day.


In my mind, I have no doubt

That it is infinitely hard to be without

you in my life.

A different girl might take another route

But I’m not her, and I’ll pay my tithe.


To be in love or to be alone?

I call this sad solitude my home

because right now there’s no one else.

My heart has no capacity to roam

I cannot lie to you or myself.


I am chained to my love, lest we forget

The root of my heart’s paralysis is manifest

in your eyes, your gait, your charm, your smile,

Which cause me violent internal unrest

Seeking to know if this was all worthwhile. 


This sad lament will find no conclusion

And I won’t wallow in the delusion

that forgetting you will not take long.

No, not after my soul met yours in that fateful fusion

And my willing heart erupted in song. 


Note: I wrote this in the middle of a Medieval Women & Sexuality class, in which we were reading about unrequited love… which sort of held relevance at the time.


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